What is CoinCommission?

CoinCommission is an affiliate network that specializes in the promotion of ICOs. We connect ICOs with publishers and affiliates who wish to capitalize on this industry.

What is an ICO?

This is short for an Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is a method of raising funds from investors. The benefit of this for the company offering the ICO is that there is no dilution of shares compared to a traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering). There’s also less regulation which simplifies the process, and unlike traditional funding it is not necessary to be located in a city that is associated with raising funds such as New York or San Francisco.

How do I earn money?

You send traffic to new ICOs that are raising funds from investors. You are compensated a percentage of the raised capital from the investors that you have referred. Commissions range from 3 to 10% depending on the ICO.

What type of traffic do you accept?

We accept traffic from any source with the exception of email SPAM. You can promote the links on your websites, social networks, search engines, newsletters etc.

How often am I paid?

You can manually cash out once you have reached the minimum payout.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is:

BTC: 0.005

ETH: 0.01

WAVES: 0.05

How am I paid?

You will be paid paid in BTC, ETH, or WAVES, depending on the coins that were invested by the investors that you referred.

What ICOs can I promote?

You can see a real-time list of the current ICOs on this page.

Do you accept international traffic?

Yes, we have no restrictions on any region. Some ICOs may restrict traffic from certain regions due to regulations. This will be specified on the listing page for each ICO.

How do I sign up to list an ICO?

Please follow this link to sign up. If you have any questions you may also contact us.

What wallet can I use?

You can use any wallet that you choose that accepts BTC, ETH or WAVES.

What wallets do you recommend?

www.myetherwallet.com for ETH

www.blockchain.info for BTC

https://waveswallet.io/ for WAVES