Connecting ICOs with Affiliates

CoinCommission is an affiliate network that specializes in ICOS. We earn money for affiliates, and find investors for ICOs.

Feature rich without being complicated.

Through automation and optimised design we’ve taken out all the hassle.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time, as-it-happens access to your data and transactions in order to optimise on-the-fly.

Blockchain Tracking

Blockchain ensures that commissions are tracked. Smart contracts ensures that they are paid.

Earn more with CoinCommission

The sky is the limit, the more investors you find, the more crypto-coins you earn.

Full Control and Transparency

Track which ICO has earned you profit, and what crypto-coins you will earn.

The Only ICO Specific Affiliate Network

We connect ICOs with affiliates.

CoinCommission is the only ICO specific affiliate network.

The network was designed from the ground up to enable affiliates to capitalize on the rising popularity of ICOs.

Affiliates earn BTC, ETH, and WAVES, by promoting the newest ICO programs.

Advertisers can easily recruit investors by having affiliates send them qualified traffic. As an advertiser you only pay commission based on invested funds.

Tracking of investments is performed using smart contracts powered by blockchain technology.